Willkommen 🙋‍♂️ - Welcome

Wir unterrichten Deutsch mit Geschichten. 📖 Bist du interessiert? 
We teach german using stories. Interested?
 ⛲ Fountain of stories ⛲

We use bible stories for vocabulary learning and practicing the pronunciation.
The lessons are free.
It is necessary that you know the alphabet.

✨ Almost every story/lesson has the following parts:
- Vocabulary (simple)
- Test (simple)
- Whole story (medium)
- Test (medium)
- Film excerpt (medium)
- Explanation of the story in everyday german (difficult).
- Group discussions are possible from lesson 3 onwards. (medium)

🏃 Procedure:
1. I send you something to practice here in chat.
2. If one of the learning steps is too easy or too difficult, you can skip it. Then write me: "weiter".
3. When you have time, you practice pronunciation and learn the vocabulary.
4. Send me your pronunciation as a voice message.
5. As soon as I have time, I will correct your pronunciation.

Do you agree?
Wenn du einverstanden bist, dann wähle ein Chat-Programm und verbinde dich mit mir.
If you agree, then choose a chat program and connect with me.


ID: @Alfred1965
Name: Alfred

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